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7even Bridges 2 Cross (2003)
7 Original Instrumental Rock Tracks
Recorded at Alive Studios, Essex around 2002.
A huge, huge thank you to everyone who continues to buy and enjoy my very first rock guitar instrumental CD '7even Bridges 2 Cross'. I couldn't decide on the "correct" album title so either Seven Bridges To Cross or 7even Bridges 2 Cross has been used over the years. Both refer to this album.

In a humble kitchen in 2002 sometime, I set about writing and recording 7even Bridges. The album was more of a home demo really, but to this day I still sell it at my gigs, and have received good feedback from it, and it definitely has charm to it, so I am proud to have it on my discography still.

There are definitely plans to remake, remix, and remaster this album to bring it up to date, but until then, I am making this album available still to buy.

The album tells the story of a boy taken from his home on Earth by aliens to visit the 7even Bridges on a distant planet. Each track represents a separate bridge and musical experience.

This is Steves first original instrumental album. Seven tracks all recorded and composed by Steve. Recorded at Steve's own studio in Essex. All guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, engineering, mixing and mastering was done by me.

There are plans to re-record this album and include it as a double CD including both the existing version and re-recorded version. This was intended for the 2013 10th year anniversary, but it will be released sometime in 2017 if not before.

Click the track names to listen to sample clips.

Track Listing:

01 - My World
02 - 7even Bridges 2 Cross
03 - In The Dark At Last
04 - Shine
05 - Running Into Minds
06 - Hollow
07 - Far Reaching Sun

Here is the original MP3 promotional clip of 7even Bridges 2 Cross - First used 10 years ago in 2003. Listen to it here - 7even Bridges 2 Cross Promo Clip

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