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Overture (2004)
9 Original Instrumental Rock Tracks
Recorded in 2004 at Alive Studios, Essex.


I wanted Overture to sound orchestral, majestic and filled with anthems. I tried to make it different to my first EP/Album 7even Bridges 2 Cross. Overture had originally intended to be written for a real orchestra with me playing guitar over the top. If you listen to Grand Opening, Far Far Away, and even heavier tracks like Lucifier Crucifier Part two, you can hear that they would have worked extremely well. However, I ended up just layering over 15 guitars or more in some cases to replicate that effect.

9 tracks in all recorded at my own little studio in Essex. Again, just as for 7even Bridges 2 Cross, I was still learning about recording and shaping a cohesive album, and was extremely keen to record as much as possible! So the enthusiasm on this album far outweighs any technical elements! Another great little project EP/Album that has some great moments.

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Track Listing:

01 - Grand Opening
02 - Far Far Away
03 - Lucifier Crucifier pt.1
04 - Lucifier Crucifier pt.2
05 - Solitude
06 - This Place is Gonna Blow
07 - Kama Sutra
08 - Automatron
09 - A Time To Celebrate

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