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Biog - Current profile of music career to date.

Brief Biog..

In 1986 Steve started to play guitar at the age of 12, left-handed, but grew impatient and frustrated with the instrument, instead learning to play piano. A few years later when he was 15, he picked up his sisters classical guitar which was right-handed, and took to it much easier.. despite being left-handed.

After hearing his main influence Jimi Hendrix on the song 'Voodoo Chile' in 1991, he decided to learn to play guitar much more seriously. After a massive phase of learning Beatles songs, heaps of Eric Clapton, Cream and Pink Floyd, and eventually mastering Jimi Hendrix's style, he got heavily into instrumental rock guitarists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and the mighty Yngwie Malmsteen. Steve spent a lot of time learning blues/rock soloing and developing his wide vibrato, and phrasing, reminiscent of Gary Moore, and Ritchie Blackmore.

Throughout 1992-4 he would learn by ear, and transcribe these artists and read everything about theory, scales/chord harmony, and as a result for the next few years, Steve got into bands like Yes, Rush, and Dream Theater.. also Frank Zappa..

In 1995 he moved to London to study a diploma in electric guitar. At this point he was practising up to 8 hours a day from 1995-2001, what many call wood-shedding. Soon realising that just being able to play well wasnt enough to make a living from music, he set about learning as many songs as he could.

Whilst at the college, Steve learned all he needed to be able to play other peoples music, and more importantly, write his own. Whilst playing in many bands and duos around London, Steve learned the hard way, how to get 'gig tough' picking up lots of useful real-world musicianship that shaped him into the musician he is today..

Upon graduating with honours from the Musicians Institute, London, Steve was made a part-time tutor on the courses they offered there. At 19 years old he was the youngest Musicians Institute Tutor second only to Paul Gilbert. Practising up to 9 hours a day, Steve became very focused on developing his "universal" guitar style, one that would enable him to play any and all styles. This proved popular with students. Steve took to touring with many bands throughout his time in London, depping with any bands who needed him, and learning as many songs as possible, in the hope that their styles and song writing techniques would rub off.

Steve began teaching professionally both privately and in schools and colleges, holding long standing peripatetic teaching posts at various 6th form colleges and universities around Hertfordshire. He soon settled upon a healthy roster of private pupils, who remained loyal and persevered..

To this day, Steve continues to remain a student of the guitar, learning jazz, classical, and country and continuining his own studies further, but however much he tries to write in other styles, he will first and foremost be a rock musician, forever drawing on his main influence that got him into playing guitar in the first place.. Jimi Hendrix.

Steve also embraces technology, and nowadays much prefers being solo, making up all his own backing tracks at his home studio, which also double as great learning tools for students. This has enabled Steve to retain his own name and develop his craft of playing and singing even more, at a completely grass-roots level playing pubs and clubs. Steve has gone onto headline MCC Club Rallies, open festivals and events to hundreds and even thousands of people all by himself.

A notable addition to his guitar playing, in recent years, has been Steves lead vocal work. Whereas before in bands, Steve used to do backing vocals, nowadays, he can handle all guitar and vocal duties himself, which has just been a natural progression for Steve. He hopes, to continue to be able to make a living as a musician for a long time yet.. so watch this space! Below is a more formal resume.

Live, session and recording experience

Session Work/TV work most notably Channel 4's "Aqua Pura" Advert whilst with Biomechanical(1999), as well as Sky Interactive channel for background/jingles(2001), and BBC radiophonic, and more recently Abbey Road, London.

Extensive live band experience with UK rock cover/tribute bands/original bands including The Sabbath, Preacher, Raising Kane and many more, over 15 years experience. Toured the UK extensively, both locally and nationally as a working professional guitarist.

1995/6 - Studied Masterclasses with Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson's Guitarist) and Bernard Purdie (Barry White Band, Band of Gypsies, Billy Cox).

1997/2000 - Played and toured with Les Binks (Judas Priest) and Tony Parsons (Iron Maiden), jammed with Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers).

1999 - Recorded debut CD for Rock Band Biomechanical as session guitarist. Biomechanical are now signed to Elitist/Earache Records, after the debut CD received much press in Metal Hammer (Malcolm Dome).

1999 - Performed with original Iron Maiden front-man (Paul Di'Anno) in London.

2000-2006 - Performed live dates across the UK with members of Blackfoot Sue and BC Sweet in the rock band Cry Wolf. Blackfoot Sue had a No.1 hit with 'Standing in the road' in the 70's.

2002 - Re-opened Winter Gardens in Isle of Wight with tribute band.

2003/2004 - Recorded and released 2 instrumental guitar rock albums. These are now distributed by Tunecore. Both albums continue to sell on iTunes.

2006 - Played the Braintree Rock festival to over 7,000 people with tribute band. This was covered by national TV (ITN), local TV (Look East) and national radio stations.

2007 - Played a special charity concert with Andy Trill (Phish/Marillion), and Martin Newell, and Carl Seager (Steve Linton, Les Sampson, Noel Redding) Raising money for Cancer Research (Rocksynchrony).

2007 - Steve became an endorsee of Ernie Ball guitar strings.

2008 - Released 4 live CD's containing large cross section of rock tunes, one of these complete Jimi Hendrix setlist. Currently working as a solo guitarist in the Essex area.

2008/2009 - Completed numerous sessions for radio in the Essex area. Recorded library music for the US at his home studio in Essex.

2009 - Headlined NCC National Chopper Club Gig in Bury St.Edmunds to a crowd of more than 1,000 people. The biggest solo gig to date. Released Rock Classics 1, all recorded at Steve's own home studio.

Teaching experience and formal training.

1996 - An (Hons) Guitar Institute/Musicians Institute graduate with diploma in electric guitar, also tutor on part-time electric guitar and harmony and theory Courses 1996-7 at Musicians Institute.

1997/present - Member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors, licensed to teach up to Grade 8 LCM (London College of Music) syllabus and examinations.

1997/2003 - Taught A-level performance guitar for St.Charles 6th form, London. Principal guitarist for London borough of Kensington and Chelsea's production of 'Little Shop of Horrors' musical.

2003/2004 - Hertford Regional College, main guitar tutor for evening weekday guitar classes.

1996/present - Continue to teach electric guitar privately in the Essex area. Many guitar students of Steve's have gone onto become full-time professional working musicians, some have gone onto gain degrees in music after further study.

Comments and feedback

"You gotta see this Guy play!"
Anver Anderson (SaintFM)

"Steve is one of the most promising guitarist's that I have heard, better still he comes from Essex where most good guitarist's live!"
Phil Hilborne (Guitarist Magazine, Guitarist for Queen Musical 'We Will Rock You')

"You've got a really nice touch..the guitar tones are killing and very warm, great job!"
Joe Stump (Rock/Metal Guitarist)

"I can assure you that listening to Steve is a pleasure that will no doubt result in an appreciation of his abilities"
Nathan Shipley (Music-Zine)