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Gig History

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Gig History

This is merely a guide as there are plenty more gigs that Steve has done over the years.
From 2002 to present day this page will keep a record of all gigs that Steve has played.
Private/Corporate functions are not listed, only public gigs are shown.

Please note : This is kept on here for people needing a reference of where I have played. If you approach any of these venues wanting to play there, please can you NOT use my name as a recommendation. Thank you.

We have now arranged the Gig History by Year and Steve's gig type, be it Solo (2007-present) or with other bands. Solo gigs are defined as either Steve on his own with his own custom made backing tracks, or with his own band.

We decided to break this gig history page down as the page was getting too large to load.

Gig History by Years...

Solo Gigs (2007-Present)

:: This details ALL of Steve's Solo Career, either gigging solo with backing tracks, or with his own band.

2016 :: 2015 :: 2014 :: 2013 :: 2012 :: 2011 :: 2010 :: 2009 :: 2008 :: 2007 ::

Cover/Tribute Bands (2002-2006)

:: Some of the information is missing or was not documented. We have tried to be as accurate as possible.

2006 :: 2005 :: 2004 :: 2003 :: 2002 ::

Cover Bands (1994-2002)

:: Steve started playing regular live gigs around 1994 after playing guitar for around 2/3 years in his hometown Clacton on Sea, Upon moving to London he played in various cover bands on the circuit at the time around North-East London and beyond.. He has played in Metalworks with Tony Parsons, and Les Binks, and on ocassion Richie Faulkner (1997-2000), Preacher (1999-2006), The Sabbath (2002-2006) before finally going solo in 2007.