The Machinery and Machines Behind The Show

Gear pics - Recent Rehearsal Harlow GPCA

The main overall goal is to get the big 3 elements working and efficient enough for one/two people to tour.. The Music, The Lights, The Projection. These 3 elements are key to providing a slice of the Pink Floyd experience and I am keen to state that the venue must be adequate in height and room to do this!

The Screen

At present, a 6 foot diameter circular projection screen is used for the show. I used to use stretchy screens, but found their assembly to be sub-standard and now custom build all my own projector screens using high quality projector material and frames.

The Projector(s)

I use Sony Vegas, Cubase, Photoshop and Adobe After Effects to generate the content. It is all written to my backing tracks so they are in exact synchronisation. Projectors are currently very good these days, so I look for the highest lumens (brightness) I can afford given the budget.. At the moment, I am favouring Viewsonic projectors for a combined lumens of over 4,500 Lumens.

A quick word on the video content.. The visual element of the show is an integral part of the show. Alongside my own graphic and video footage, and using contributors involved in One Floyd, I still do utilise very rare and well known Pink Floyd projection screen footage. However, I like to blend in the old footage with their divison bell tour footage, and mix it with my own footage. This is constantly being updated all the time. It is all upscaled to 720HD and put into my own custom circular mask to fit exactly onto the circular projection screen.

Backing Tracks

All of my backing tracks are created using Cubase 6.5/Pro Tools 10 at my home studio. I strive's for realism and accuracy. These tracks are constantly being updated and improved to ensure the show remains fresh and exciting. They are tempo-mapped to the actual original Pink Floyd tracks so they sound and feel identical to the record. They are both musically accurate and not overmixed, leaving room for me to perform live guitars and vocals to. Effects can be added afterwards, another benefit of using backing tracks.

The Lighting, Lasers, Scanners, Moving Heads etc..

Fully automated lightshow pre-programmed using DMXIS/Showbuddy software. All the lighting is controlled by DMX data all programmed by Steve himself, in advance, ensuring the best visual entertainment alongside the music.. This is always being constantly being improved so an accurate list will grow and change over time..

:: 2015/2016 - 'Dark Side Of The Wall' Tour - Lighting Setup

Various Stage washes, 8 or 16 depending on size of venue and requirement. these are places around the stage and venue. These include, 2 x ADJ Lasers, 2 x ADJ Jellydomes, 16 Par cans. The list is always being updated and upgraded!

Guitars, Lap Steels, Amps and Pedals

Guitars :
Fender Eric Clapton signature series guitars,
Custom Strat - modified to look and feel like Dave Gilmours famous black strat.
Two custom fender strats (backup guitars)

Lap Steel:
Custom Lap Steel with Seymour Duncan Little '59 humbucker in. Occasionally Steve uses this lap steel on his shows, otherwise the lap steel for convenience will be pre-recorded. This largely depends on staging, and rigging area space.

Amps :
Amps are Marshall JMP-1 Valve Midi Preamps which feed directly into the main mixer and out to the PA system, all MIDI controlled alongside my Reverb/Chorus/Delay units.

Wireless Units :
Steve Forward uses Line 6 G30/50 wireless units

Pedalboard :
Pedals include Dunlop Wah Pedals, Marshall Overdrive Pedals, and a T.C. Electronics Polytune Tuner Pedal.
Pedals are frequently swapped and changed to suit Steve's needs.

PA Setup

2 QSC K8 Speakers, and 1 K-Sub Speaker, forms the basis of my main stage rig. QSC, in my opinion make the best PA systems in the world today.
Suitable for most small/medium indoor/outdoor events. I can use more active speakers depending on my needs.
For most shows I find that around 3/4k is sufficient.. I can use more up to 5-6k. For larger venues, I will require consultation regarding extra volume to cover larger audiences.

If the event is larger than Steve's own PA system can handle there must be adequate foldback.
Steve prefers give the sound guy a MONO jack lead and operate all the mixing himself from the stage for his mic, guitars, lap steels, and backing.


Two Laptops run the entire show at present. By separating the backing tracks from the video projection laptop, this minimises show stoppages.
Both are i5 laptops, used only for the show.

Further information can be obtained by emailing me directly at - gearenquiries@onefloyd.com