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Session Work : Alive Studios - Professional iMastering, Mixing and Recording Services & - Online Backing Tracks.

Alive Studios has recorded many albums, jingles, adverts and backing tracks around the world, for singers, choirs, cruise ships, other musicians, and solos, duos, and even for other recording studios.

Alive Studios is Steve's personal home recording studio -

As well as hiring Steve to play in the studio, you can also email your track over to Steve and have him down all the guitar parts in his own professional home studio. Competitive pricing for mixing and mastering services will mean that your album or cd can get that finished commercial sheen. Steve can also record jingles, TV adverts and custom backing tracks.

Steve records all his own backing tracks for use on his solo gigs, and is also able to make up any track you require bespoke. When the parts are done they will be emailed straight back, payment can be made via PayPal or direct bank transfer, making it a completely hassle free and convenient alternative to regular session bookings. now has a growing online catalogue of available popular backing tracks for sale.
Alive Studios has a sister site which deals solely with creating, selling and taking on backing track orders and enquiries -

There is a growing catalogue of popular backing tracks available online through this website. All are created at Alive Studios by Steve and a team of MIDI programmers and session musicians. If you are after that hard to find rock/metal/pop/blues track to perform or to jam to, then check out the site.

Session Work / Showreel

Session Showreel

'Shock' (2012)*
'Willows Sports Centre' (2012)*
'Health Call' (2012)*
'Freddie Frosts' (2012)*
'Thurlow Nunn' (2011)*
'Aylesham Kitchens' (2011)
'Plumb Mate' (2010)
'Mist B Gone' (2010)
MJH Skip Hire (2009)
Above and Below (2009)
'Suffolk Challenge' (2009)
'Coastal Journey' (De-Wolfe)
Friend In Need (Sarah Louise)
Radio Seagull (Holland)
Radio Seagull 2(Holland)
Tyne Fm Radio Theme

* Used with kind permission from the respective studio/artist. Unauthorised use strictly prohibited. © All rights reserved.
Steve has worked closely with some of the best producers and engineers in the world.

He is currently involved with numerous studios, in Essex and Suffolk, as a session guitarist.

Steves playing can be heard on numerous TV and radio adverts and jingles.

Click on the left to hear examples of these more recent collaborations, intended to highlight some of Steve's more current and up to date session work.

This will be an ever growing showreel, most of which were either recorded at his own home studio for commercial use, or at other studios in and around Essex.

If you would like to hire Steve to play on a recording or session then please call 07849 278188 or email for more information.

Steve also takes on numerous sessions for radio stations and backing track creation at Alive Studios in Essex, as well as being able to provide tracks for studios across the world. For more information see below..